3D Films and children – warning signs to look out for

With 3D blockbuster Despicable Me 3 released this week, we’re reminding our customers of the warning signs that could indicate your child has an undiagnosed vision problem.

The Association of Optometrists conducted a survey which demonstrated that many children are still missing out on early vision correction. The majority of respondents to this survey, indicated that at least one in five school children they tested had an undiagnosed problem such as a “Lazy Eye”.

It’s never too early to have your children’s eyesight tested, but it’s incredibly important that all children over the age of three should have a regular sight check up.  Some conditions like Lazy Eye, if caught early (before the age of about seven), can be corrected for life.

Watch the 60 second video below which highlights how 3D films could help you as a parent spot if your child has a potential vision problem

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